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Please don’t hesitate to call Bio-Remediation of Virginia if you have any concerns or questions about mold. We are here to solve your mold and moisture issues safely and effectively. Different types of mold are more allergenic than others. If you are allergic to mold there isn’t any good mold. Most people have heard of BLACK MOLD. This is a generality term that describes the color of what people see. There are over 400,000 thousand different species and they are finding new ones every day. Most of the time Black mold is a combination of several different types of mold.

One of the most important things about dealing with mold is the containment of mold spores while you are remediating the project. If the containment is not sufficient enough, you take a risk making the problem worse by the spreading mold spores throughout the home or building. This is why it’s important to choose a reliable company such as Bio-Remediation of Virginia. We will make sure you are taken care of and that your moisture and mold problem is solved in the correct manner, so everyone is safe.

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Reviews of Bio-Remediation of Virginia

"David Meloy was prompt, efficient, and very reasonably priced. He provided excellent service with expert knowledge and did not overestimate the scope of work. I feel very fortunate to have found his services, will use them again, and will highly recommend them to anyone in need of them."

Lesley K. - Colonial Heights, VA

"Bio-Remediation was timely and very professional in their service. I was very impressed with how quickly they responded to my need. The work was completed in the time frame that they gave. Excellent work!"

Patricia E. - Rice, VA

"Very friendly and quick. Answered the phone immediately and set up an appointment. Explained everything. Job was done very quickly and professionally. Short turnaround, especially for quick renovations. Very good!"

Kari C. – Glen Allen, VA

"Having to vacate our rental house the day before New Year's Eve with a three-year-old and a three-week-old due to mold was certainly an experience we would not want to go through again! However, Bio-Remediation handled everything thoroughly and as quickly as they possibly could have to ensure our family's safety. We were soooooo happy to be back in our house even sooner than expected!"

Sherry R. in Glen Allen, VA

"David Meloy is professional, on time, meets timeline for completion of work, and communicates timely via e-mail. He delivers more than you expect. Thanks much."

Angela S. in Gum Spring, VA

"He's excellent. I have never had anyone working at my house that did what he said he would do and more. Did an absolutely professional job and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Anne M.